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The Duo: Spell Breaker & Tarot Session

  • 1 hour
  • 55.55 US dollars
  • Creative Illuminations LLC

Service Description

A spell could consist of a ritual action, a set of words, a verse, or any combination of these intentions. To destroy the dark magic within a witch is to call it out and rid them of it's power before it takes over, which means they have to die. It requires the cosmic power of Mother Earth's four elements to drown and bury the power. What this particular service there is a tarot card reading that is assigned to this particular energy. The tarot card rating this will give us a more detailed view on who is putting the magic on you, And what type of magic was used on you. Divination is the art of making apparent information that is hidden or not immediately obvious. From the outside looking in, it can appear magical, mystical, and maybe even scary, because we may not understand where this information is coming from. Many different cultures and traditions have divination systems. For example, runes are of Nordic origin, they thow the bones in the Sangoma tradition in Africa and in China they have the I Ching. These systems involve throwing rocks or bones that have been engraved in a certain way, after which the engravings can be interpreted. A good divination system is one that has been created with good intention and that gives you positive information to work with. What use is a system that is continually scaring you with prophecies of doom? A good system should help you develop into a person more like the one you want to be. If you are interested in any of these services please book with me at your earliest convenience.

Cancellation Policy

Creative Illuminations LLC Private Policy All of your personal information attained on this form, will be secured and kept safe, your information will be utilized for collecting your personal data, only for booking appointments basis only. I only attend to gain communication with your permission to help you gain access to the services of, Creative Illuminations. I will not share or participate in giving your information to any third party energies. For All Services: The response time, For each of these services, will be between 24 to 72 hour turn around time. All services must be approved and paid before services are rendered. If you need, any emergency services . There will be will a 24 hour, turn around time. Please remember this service comes with a emergency fee which is 33.33, both of these payments must be paid before services are rendered . If you decide to cancel outside the cancellation window, Your account will be charged $33.33, for non cancellation. For all other appointments, You will have a 3-day window to where you can cancel or Reschedule. If you agree to these terms, Please send me a message here at Creative Illuminations messenger. Stating that you agree to the terms and conditions. This policy covers for all services, including Reiki Hypno therapeutic services, mentoring life coaching services, health and business coaching consultations. If you need assistance you can always reach out to me through messenger at Website : Email: Phone: 9803127821 FB Messenger : Ra Shun FB Meta Business : Creative Illuminations Tic Toc: @ra_of_the_sun Instagram: Ra_Shun33 Thank You For Choosing Creative Illuminations LLC

Contact Details

  • 1421 Plumstead Rd, Charlotte, NC, USA


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