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Where It all Started

The healing energy started with a change in my life that I never prepared myself to witness, after the Ascension of my brother my life was in a Topsy turvy chaotic spin, my grieving was numbing myself and losing touch of reality but before my brother passing there were other childhood traumas and adulthood traumas that I had to learn from. It was only after my brother had passed away that I decided to take initiation and change my life to become a better version of myself. I took all the pain that was stored in me and made beauty out of it by telling my story and realizing that I can help other people as well. If I can change you can too. The healing journey is something we will be doing for the rest of our lives but as long as you got the faith the fight the strength the passion the endurance you can overcome any obstacle that's thrown your way because abundance is your birthright.

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