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Welcome to Creative Illuminations:Let Me Introduce Myself

What's popping Collective!

Grand Rising

I would like to introduce myself

My name is

Ra Shun

Y'all it's been a pleasure meeting each and every one of you guys.

I know a lot about you guys, but you have no idea of who I am.

So here's a couple fun facts about me

I am a loving, caring, bubbly, charismatic, artistic, innovative, productive, sophisticated, no nonsense type of person.

I love all genres of music, I love learning history, science, geometry, poetry.

Pretty much anything to do with writing, and I love to watch a good movie or a great documentation.

I am a very deep thinker, and love to Converse with high vibrational level conversationalist.

I have been called into duty: To be a service for the people.

What type of service do I run? : A One -N- Consulting Services industry.

We are here for the, people, that's built by the people, and who supports the people.

I guess you can say I'm a rebel leader with a strong passion, to help heal the masses at all cost.

It's all about changing the trajectory of negative energy and transmuting it into positive therapeutic energy.

Each and every one of us has a duty to uplift humanity.

Here At Creative Illuminations

We use different forms of technology: From Interpersonal communication skills, Intuitive readings, utilizing the deep concentrated levels of discernment.

At Creative Illuminations, we focus on everlasting relationships, bridging connections together. We focus on Healing the ouch. You are not your past, It's time to heal from our traumas, and began to look at life with a fresh view.

We offer services:

That focuses on Cognitive Resonance, unlearning and rebuilding our Cognitive interpretational skills of reasoning to understand, the behavior, The mind concept, and the environmental factors, that causes one to slip back into chaotic cycles.

With our services we use intuitive and sympathetic communicable skills, to reach many of our clients. We can pinpoint and help you get your life back on track.

The services that we do provide are: Spiritual Advising, trauma coaching, lifestyle coaching, health coaching, business consulting, and much much more

I will teach you how to break those cycles with our 9 point program

To learn more about this particular program please visit the website below.

All services, classes, bookings all have discounted services.

All coupons for expire on

January 9th 2023

To learn more about these coupons and how you can apply them to your order please visit the website.

Hope to see you guys soon

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Welcome Home Tribe

Welcome To Creative Illuminations: Herio's Glyph Learning Center!

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