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Member Points

Updated: Mar 5

Member Points

The Most You Can Receive 50,000

You can receive up to 50,000 member points when you join and support our community.

The Member Point Program is a free subscription sign up program that focuses on giving back.

When you support us we support you as well. Let's be each other keepers!

When you buy one of our services or products.

You will gain, for each 1 dollar you spend. You will receive 11 member points.

After you have accrued enough member points, you can trade them in for discounted services.

You can receive up to 50,000 Points.

Use your points to gain access to discounted services and you can use them to, rack up and rank up to receive a free service.

Point Member Data

1000 Points = 10% Off

11,000 Points = 21% Off

18,000 Points = 30% Off

21,000 Points = 40% Off

33,000 Points = 50% Off

50,000 Points = 100% Off

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