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Living The Dream

We are starting a donation fund to help with the expenses for the Discovery Expo showcase for modeling and other talents such as acting

I have already made the first deposit of $200 to get on the roster

But the expenses for the trip is $4,800 and I really need help guys with your donations of any amount

I have a chance to win a scholarship of $10,000 that will help me get a building to organize Creative Illuminations Heiro Glyph Clinical service to help the homeless and individuals who have been subjugated to traumas that consist of physical abuse mental abuse verbal abuse sexual abuse and sexual violence, PTSD and PSD.

I will also be using these proceeds to open up our scientific research center for our Congenital Heart Disease fund, a fund that I have in representation for my brother Derrico Ja'Montae Edney.

It Is Called The Derrico Ja'Montae Edney Foundation

He passed away @ The tender age of 39: Unexpectedly, this was a major shock to the family.

To him and to us he seemed to be in great health, but on that fateful he fainted and ascended.

These heart diseases can be silent killers and this research is to help pinpoint these triggers before they take someone life force

We didn't know that he had a rare heart disease, which consisted of a murmur

My purpose for this fund is to stop other family members from experiencing a early demise.

Let's find the aid to cure heart disease

With you guys helping me out in return I can be able to help those who really need our help with the scholarship fund

If you would like to know more about the non-profit that we are beginning please visit my website at

You can send your donations too

cash app: starseed1983

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