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Learning Our Past

Egyptology Learning From Our Past.

Classes Are Now In Session:

Every Friday

From 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

We will be focusing on, past life regression true and factual, archival events, that will bring you clarity; on our existence, and overall our purpose.

Let's go back into history, down the time machine timeline, to unravel secrets that we are destined for us to know.

Lets witness how the Divine mother and all of her creations have formulated civilizations, and in mist of bringing us stability on planet Ka(Earth).

We all have a destiny, a purpose, and a will to uncover our true identity. Learning the true nature of our divine mother, your ancestors, will help you find your cornucopia.

They are here to assist you so you too can get a piece of the pie. Why not have heaven on Earth if they're showing you the way.

Remember you have a duty and it calls for you, are you going to answer that call?

Are you ready to accept that call?

Because they're waiting on you?

And by the way your abundance is waiting on you too, so what are you waiting for.

If you feeling drawn to this message please book with me

This particular class cost $66.66 a week but all first time students will receive 30% off your first week, you can cancel anytime no hassle free.

And you will automatically gain access to the 9-point program that are presenting to you guys in March

If you like to know more about these services please email me here at Creative Illuminations, thank you guys for making the vision come true.

Don't Forget To Use The Code Below

Please use code "School In Session"

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