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Get Exclusive Your Perks 4 Your Points

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Get Exclusive Your Perks 4 Your Points

Each time that you book with me, and complete a session you will get, one point, per dollar.

With the member points, each point that you accur, will go towards, the services and products that I offer on the website

The member points can be used on, spiritual teachings, spiritual messages, therapeutic services, mentoring business and health services.

Here is a description on how to use these points.

For every 100 points that you gain you will be able to get access to these particular services and products.

the maximum amount of number of points that you can receive is 1,144


100 = Extra 10 Minutes On Whatever Reading That You Are Interested In.

200 = 20% Off Of Services and Products Of Your Choice.

300 = 30% Off Of Spell Breakage Kits

400 = 40% Off Of Healing Coaching


600 = 60% Off Of Personal Learning

Seminar Sessions

700 = 70% Of Of Business Consulting

800 = Free Resin Epoxy Art Work, handcraft and made by yours truly.

900 = 90% Off Of Trauma Healing Services

100 = $100.00 Of Off Therapeutic

Services (Hypno-Reiki)

After you have occurred up to the desired amount.

You can use these points to cash in and receive special offers, such as, gifts, discounted services, and other benefits.

Ways You Can Gain Badges and Member Points

You can gain points by subscribing to the website, also by becoming a member. You can gain member points by sharing creative Illuminations mission, writing reviews and spreading awareness.

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