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Free Business Classes

If you are interested in starting your own business. I have key elements that will help you jump start and get your business off the ground.

With my business coaching skills I can guide you and pursuit to your working goals. By helping you build leadership skills, helping you create business strategies, and improving your overall mindset. I have invaluable ideas and strategies that will help lead a successful productive journey to your business.

If you guys are interested in this free service, please send me a message and, I will book your personal appointment, for your personalized session.

What to expect:

Learn how to get a LLC

Learn terminology on which business entity you should get into.

Learn how to manage your business, with working a second job.

Learn how file the necessary paperwork to keep your business in good standing.

Learning how to set up a business plan, financial budget, and projections for your near future trajectory of your outcome of your production.

You must be ready to learn every aspect of your business for it to be successful.

Learn how to apply for grants.

Learn the technology behind building a website, bring more revenue, by scaling your business!

There's so much to learn.

Don't hesitate..... you got this! That idea is worth pursuing.

So if you ready to make your vision into a reality please book with me talk to you soon.

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