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All Services And Products Are Now On Sale. From Now Until 01/09/2023

Coupon Codes For The Upcoming: Energetic Intuitive Readings Sessions, and Live Seminars.

Remember all coupons are valid from now until January 9th 2023.

If you guys are interested in joining any of our classes, we have provided you guys with several coupons listed below.

Thank you in advance for your purchases.


First Time Clients: You will receive a one-time offer on all coupons. One per person no matter the household size.

Remember when you become a member.

You will also receive member points, badges, and special offers. You will be able to utilize these member points, by exchanging them to receive free gifts, percentages off of store products, and many more exclusive offers to come.

1. Intuitive Read Session Coupon

With this particular coupon, you will receive 22% Off of energetic readings, Reiki healing services, as well as, spiritual warfareblockage removals, also included; pendulum clarification.

Use the code below to apply to all products

Member Points 22

Use Code: IntuitiveReadSession

2. Level Up Coupon: Buy Three Get 2 Free

For the pendulum readings, when you buy three pendulum yes or no question verification direct answers from the divine. You will also receive two clarity questions for free.

Member Points: 15

Use Code: LevelUp2023

3. Learning Business Etiquette Coupon:

Although the advice is free, Please Remember. I do charge for additional services. Within this particular code you will receive 44% off of your first service fee.

The services that I provide Are:

Helping you get your LLC, helping you get grants, helping you creatye your pitche and financial business plan portfolio. Filing the necessary paperwork to get your business off the ground and on live. Helping you scale your business through SEOs, as well as help you build your business website, and much more. the opportunities are endless.

Member Points: 44

Coupon Code: Business2023

4. Learning The Divine Mystics "School Session" Coupon Codes

This coupon code is used for all plans, that are associated with our upcoming classes. All Divinity, astrological dynamics, and any other mystic teachings. You will be able to use this promotional code, for the first week of your classes.

Please remember this is a one-time offer on discounted services.

Member Points: 44 Per ponits per class that you purchase.

Coupon Code : Astroworld2023

5. Energy Cleanser Coupon

When you purchase a energy cleanser blockage removal service. You will receive 10% Off of the service price.

Member Points: 22

Use Code: 6084289779

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