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       For All Your Consulting Needs

                 Ranging From

       Divination, Mentor-ship, Learn

        The Astrological Birth Chart


Other High  Vibrational Conversations

Choose your pricing plan

  • The Silver Plan

    Learning Beyond The 3D: Lifting The Vail of Unconsciousness
    • Free Collective Energy Reading @ The Beginning Of The Month
    • Teachings: Astrology, Divination, Symbology, and Beyond
    • Learn & Apply The Universal Laws: Examining The Kabalion
    • Each Month: Receive Unlimited Access To New Topics
    • Unlimited Access: Metaphysical Teachings & How To Apply Them
    • Learn: Spiritual Protection & How To Answer The Call
    • Learn: The 12 Laws Of The Universe
    • Purpose: To Awaken From The Matrix
  • The Bronze Plan

    Breaking Down The Universe DNA: Astrology At A Closer Glance
    Valid for one week
    • Free Collective Energy Reading @ The Beginning Of The Month
    • Learn: To Forecast Earthly & Human Events
    • Learn: How To Tap Into Events From Our Past
    • Interpret: Learn How To Decode Soul Contract
    • Gain Insight: Learn Personalities, Life paths,& much more
    • You Will Gain Understanding On Planets, Signs, and Houses
    • You Will Have A Deep Understanding Of Decoding:Birth Charts
  • The Gold Plan

    Reinventing Your Self: The 9 Point Program
    Valid for 3 months
    • Purpose: To Help Guide You, To Regain A 2nd Chance At Life
    • Learn: How To Reprogram Your Mind.
    • Technique: Learn How To Apply The 9 Point Program
    • Results: Expect Tremendous Results In 90 Days
    • Get Ready To Become A New You! I know You Can Do It
  • Buy 3 Get One Free

    When You Buy One Of Our Lesson Plans, Attend A Free Session
    Free Plan
    • Free Entrance Into our 9 Point Program
    • We will be discussing how you can break generational curses
    • I will teach you how to gain your identity back
    • Learn to face the man in the mirror
    • Learn how to be your authentic self without apologizing
    • Learn to be self-sufficient and abundant
    • Learn how to turn your pain into generating wealth.
  • Reiki Services

    Reiki & Hypnotherapy: Expanding Our Holistic Healing Service
    Valid for 2 years
    • Removing any negative blockages, obstacles, and challenges
    • We Will: Protect your energy, and bring you clarity
    • You Will: Learn how to protect yourself
    • We Will: Help Assist You, In healing, autoimmune deficiencie
    • Digestive, diabetes, infertility, sleep apnea, and plenty
    • Other ailments that we can help alleviate, symptoms
    • While you are still under supervision under your doctor.
  • The Business Plan

    Every month
    Learn How To Build Your Business From The Ground Up!
    Valid for 10 months
    • Learn: How To Write Your Own Proposals
    • Learn: How To Put Your Business Plan Together
    • Learn: How to apply for grants
    • Learn: How To Get Found On Google SEO System
    • Learn: How To Build A Business Website
    • And Much More.....
  • Return To Sender Kit

    Get A Tarot Card Reading When Purchasing This Kit
    • Info On The Tools You Need To Stay Protected
    • Tarot Card Reading Is Included
    • Receive 55 Member Points To Go Towards Exclusive Reward's
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