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The Divine Plan

Grand Day Collective!

Love, and Light tribe, my name is Ra Shun.I am a Certified Hypno-Reiki Practitioner, who specialize in healing any blockages that is stopping you from receiving your abundance. I help individuals heal from trauma, cognitive disorders, chronic pain, immune deficiencies,  As well as the removal of  low vibrational blockages.  I use many techniques, ranging from, divination, mentorship,, and life  coaching. With my assistance I can help you, raise your Kundalini. I am here to  help  bring you into full alignment and enlightenment, the choice is yours. . With my other abilities I  also help individuals heal from spiritual,mental,physical and verbal abuse, the plan is to let you know. That you deserve a second chance at life. I am here to let you know that abundance is your birthright,  and with my God given gifts I am prepared to bring balance, restoration, identity and help you build a new that will help you gain control back over your life. We Are A Conglomerate Of Consulting Services That's Here 2 Give The People What You Need!

I Offer Many Services In Consulting

Ranging From:



Life Coach

Business Consultant

Art Therapist

and last but not least spell breaker blockage Remover

I Got What You Need

We have formulated a  system that is proven to give you the results that you are looking for. I utilize different forms of communication to bring you ease of mind, reassurance, and guidance.



About Me

We Eat, Breath and Sweat  Holistic Wellness. 

 Reflection Tribe:

 I am a very dedicated, presistant, passionate, person. Who is deep rooted in my culture, my nationality, my mission, and my passion.

I am one who thrives on holistic teachings, learning and healing techniques.

A couple things about me, is that I am intuitive, empathic, and sympathetic individual that enjoy, guiding individuals, back to their authentic selves. I us healing,love, and light energy. I aim to always bring you clarity. My duty is to be a servant for the people by utilizing my gifts, talents, and abilities,  The Divine has called me into service to bring  you balance, clarity, undertanding  and innerstanding. I am here for all of your consulting need's, and . So now I present to you. Your very own Certified Hypo-Reiki Practioner



  ''Each One, Teach One, Reach One Build One. Remember You Deserve 2nd Chances" .


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Charlotte, NC, USA

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